2017 Farm Dog Title Chinook and Labrador2017 PROOFS GSDCA National Candids2020 Gordy and Ginger Memorial ImagesAnimal Talent Pool New Gallery 14-Apr-17Ginger and Gordy 2017Ginger and Gordy Favorites - My Selection - April 30GSDCMSP 17-Sep-17Magnum McCoy Proofs New Gallery 1-Jul-17Persian 5-Nov-17PROOFS Head shots Animal Talent Pool April 2017Rain Mountain Chinooks Picnic Proofs - 12-Aug-17Santa Pet Photos 11-Nov-17Shadowlands 19-Nov-17UKC TCOTC New Gallery 3-Apr-17Unedited Land O Lakes Kennel Club ProofsUnedited PROOFS Debbie Jensen New Gallery 26-Feb-17Unedited PROOFS Karen Peterson New Gallery 26-Feb-17

This group will be available through October 31, 2023. Remind me again later