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Fresh Minnesota Berries IMG_8412Peanut Butter and Jelly - actually Peanut Butter and Jam IMG_8281Hard Boiled Brown Eggs in a Stainless Bowl IMG_6168Beef Roast Rare IMG_6215The making of a PB&J Sandwich IMG_5432Beef and Root Vegetables with Pepperoncini IMG_6788Lamb Meatballs with Rice and Green Beans IMG_5126Molten Lava Marshmallows resting on top of a Garnet Sweet PotatoBeef and Green Beans pre baking on a sheet pan IMG_5922Sliced rare beef IMG_6216Roasted vegetables IMG_6819Beef in a cast iron pan IMG_6422Matzo Ball Soup IMG_6863Turkey pot pie pastry topping IMG_6897Hot Pastrami Sandwich with French Fries IMG_6895Corned Beef on Pumpernickel IMG_6937Pork Ribs IMG_7065Sliced Chicken Breast on Salad Greens IMG_7064Mushrooms sautéing IMG_6950Onion ring with a pickle and Sliced Turkey Sandwich  IMG_6935

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